Black Taper Candles (Set of 2)

Black Taper Candles (Set of 2)

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Add a serene, candlelit glow with these Black Taper Candles. 

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Measurements + Details

  • Each pack contains 2 taper candles
  • Candle size: 12"
  • Please note: Even dripless or drip resistant candles may drip. Dripless candles require ideal burning conditions in order for them to not drip.

Here are a few guidelines that will help minimize the chance of dripping:

  • Mount candles on a level surface
  • Ensure that the candles stand up straight
  • Make sure that wick is trimmed to 1/4" before each lighting
  • Keep away from draft or anything that might sway the flame in any direction
  • If a candle starts to drip, extinguish the flame, let wax harden, then re-light