Life's too short to throw a bad party.

Cloth + Gold provides you with all of the tools to create a beautiful dinner party table, delivered to your door, on a three-day rental basis. When you're finished, we pick it up and do the dishes. Think of it like a rented tablescape in a box.

Cloth + Gold exists to bring people together. Founded on the idea that the less time spent planning, means more time spent sharing. We put everything you need in one place so you can make time for laughing, debating, dancing, and storytelling.  Let us make the party, you make the memories.

I'll be honest. I started Cloth + Gold for selfish reasons. 

However, what started as something I just wanted to exist for myself has turned into a greater mission I have, which is to not let the dinner party die. Because it's becoming a little bit of an endangered species. We're too focused on the quick-and-easy and don't crave emotional connections with our fellow human beings anymore. It's like somewhere between texting and Instagram-ing, we got ahead of ourselves. We've learned how to snap, filter and upload our memories, but we've forgotten how to truly create them.

With Cloth + Gold, you're armed with almost everything you need to have your Martha Stewart moment. We're bringing back the art of entertaining while catering to the needs of the modern party host.

So let's throw effortless dinner parties where the funny conversations and storytelling last hours past the meal. Let's create some of the best nights of our guests' lives.


Bridget Rogers

Founder, Cloth + Gold

Leave the Planning to Us

We're bringing back the art of entertaining while catering to the needs of the modern host. From wine glasses to menu ideas with recipes, we put everything you need in one place so you can stress less and party more.

Create Amazing Atmospheres

Restaurants are lovely, but there's nothing like a good old fashioned party at home. With Cloth + Gold, you can create intimate, relaxed settings that allow your guests to get comfortable and sink into the candlelit evening. Feel free to laugh as loud as you can, do headstands on a dare and tell funny stories long after dessert has been served. When it's your house, you can stay as long as you want.

Upgrade Your Game

Say goodbye to nursing a solo cup all night and put away the paper plates. It's time to elevate your dining hardware. With Cloth + Gold, you can entertain with real glass and flatware for a fraction of the retail price. And because you're able to rent, you never have to worry about finding matching china sets or storing multiple wine glasses you only use a few times a year.

Everything was so great last night! That pasta recipe was a total hit. Everything was so incredibly easy...perfection! The girls absolutely LOVED it too and can’t wait to try it. I loved everything about my experience , and I got so many compliments. You really thought of everything!
C.G. Denver, CO