Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Salad Recipe

Kind of sweet, kind of salty, really pretty.

The Most Amazing Roast Potatoes You'll Eat in Life Recipe

And no, I'm not being dramatic at all.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

There are few things in life that most everyone will agree on. Things being wrapped in bacon is usually one of those topics.

Lovely Bubbles Champagne Cocktail

Fizzy, pink goodness.

Oscars Party Accessories

A few things to help you throw an Oscars viewing party that could possibly rival the Vanity Fair party. Possibly.

Icebreaker Questions

Think of something more awkward than a table full of people with nothing to talk about. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Easy Apps: Stuff on a Stick

Stick to your guns by sticking it to complicated appetizers. SORRY I CAN'T HELP MYSELF SOMETIMES.

Oh Jalapeño Didn't

Oh, tequila. Tequila tequila tequila. My sweet tequila, my sweet love. 

Whiskey Cocktail | Rosemary's Honey

I've always wanted to incorporate whiskey into my personal cocktail lineup but I think a bad experience with the cheap stuff in college has given me pause. I need to take baby steps into the world of whiskey. My first step is with this lovely whiskey cocktail, Rosemary's Honey.

Perfect Valentine's Day Playlists

Whether you're celebrating solo, with your best ladies or favorite date, we have two Valentine's Day Spotify playlists to fit the occasion.

DIY Heart Napkins

Valentine's Day Date Night Looks

I've pulled my favorite Valentine's Day date night outfit ideas to channel your inner love goddess. From lace cocktail dresses to velvet slips to red jumpsuits, I have Valentine's Day options for all my fellow outfit procrastinators.