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Oh Jalapeño Didn't

Posted by Bridget Rogers on

Oh Jalapeño Didn't

Oh, tequila. Tequila tequila tequila. My sweet tequila, my sweet love. Tequila is my favorite. Tequila is magic. Tequila is basically good for you I used to refer to it as “hoe-juice” back in the day because, well yeah, a few Patrón shots and I kind of acted like a hoe (what up #cabospringbreak2006!?!). But even in my obviously insanely classy present day life, tequila is still my go-to spirit. My favorite way to consume this lovely nectar of the gods is via a good, spicy margarita. And BONUS, this recipe is a ~*~skinny spicy margarita.~*~



    • The juice of four limes, plus a few wedges for ~*~garnish~*~
    • One jalapeño, plus another one to add a few chunks of ~*~garnish~*~
    • 1/2 cup of GOOD tequila…do not get gross with your tequila. It’s hurtful to us all but more hurtful to your body tomorrow.
    • 1/4 cup of honey
    • TOOL: Muddler 


    1. Cut one half or a whole jalapeño (depending on how sassy you like your margarita) into little strips and remove the seeds.
    2. Combine the lime, tequila, juice and jalapeños in a jar/cocktail shaker/whatever.
    3. Muddle it like it’s hot.
    4. Add the the honey to your jar/cocktail shaker/cocktail-making vessel. Give your mixture a good stir.
    5. Get out your fabulous margarita glasses and strain the cocktail mixture over your glasses.
    6. Garnish with some lime and jalapeños and DRINK UP!


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