There’s nothing more basic bitch than having a Friendsgiving with your closest girls, drinking wine, and eating your hearts content. Gobble till you wobble. Get basted, you know?

But it’s moments like these that truly make you feel thankful for those around you. That’s what it’s all about, right? 

P L A N N I N G 

This year, some of my girlfriends moved into the cutest little house with the perfect dining room, so they offered to host. I then started a group text with my closest girls so we could figure out who all could come. Once we decided on the perfect Sunday, I asked my girlfriends who all could bring what. With twelve hungry girls, I knew having a pot-luck type style dinner would be easiest. I asked if any of them had a favorite dish of their choice, one that made them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Naturally, everything someone offered to make was a carb-loaded dish of yumminess, so I offered to bring the turkey and green beans. And then of course everyone pitched in for our cornucopias amount of wine.



I chose Drift Away for this festive occasion. I knew the girls would love the heavy rose gold flatware, purple wine goblets, and modern flare of the matte plates. The day of, I ran to Trader Joe’s and grabbed flowers and decorations. I love going to Trader Joe’s for this sort of thing because they always have what is in season and it’s so cheap! I filled the vases with simple white hydrangeas to compliment the white napkins and white salad plates. I added little white pumpkins and greenery to the table and around the house for all the festive feels. With the table set and candles lit, we cheered, we toasted, we blessed, and oh did we eat.


T H E   F O O D 

We had quite the spread. Maddy brought her homemade mac and cheese in a sweet little dish her aunt had given her. Rosie made an amazing autumn kale salad, Janie made corn pudding, and Brooke made her to die for homemade beer bread. And for our funky little vegan, Ruthie made a surprisingly delicious purple sweet potato casserole. 


D E S S E R T 

But it didn’t stop there. On to the dessert. Ellie made pumpkin muffins, banana bread, and Sadie brought homemade whipped cream, fresh berries, and meringue cookies. 


H A P P Y   H E A R T S   A N D   B E L L I E S 

Needless to say, our bellies were full and our hearts content. As some had to go, most of us stayed into the night drinking more wine around the candle light, talking, and having that one last bite of dessert we didn’t need. It was the perfect Friendsgiving, with the perfect setting, and the perfect friends. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

 C H E E R S !




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