What is Beta Testing?


Cloth + Gold is a brand new startup, which means we have a lot of work to do. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP. 

We have an idea we're passionate about, but we need your input. Cloth + Gold is currently in the early stage of development and is selecting a limited number of beta testers to evaluate our product by using it in the real world and providing honest feedback. We want to know what you like about it, don't like about it, what's missing, what we could improve on, etc. We'll take your input and use it to ultimately execute a final product. Oh, and also give you a gift at the end.

Simply put, being a beta tester means you use our product, tell us what you think and in turn you receive a $50 Visa gift card. 


The Beta Testing Process:

1. Apply to be a beta tester. 

Fill out your information here to apply to be a beta tester. 

2. complete the lifestyle survey.

Once you have been selected to be a beta tester, you will be required to fill out a short lifestyle survey. 

3. Set a date and choose your tablescape.

This is where the fun starts. It's time to plan your dinner/brunch/luncheon! Choose a date and select the tablescape you would like to rent. For this beta test, you must reserve your tablescape a minimum of seven days before your party date. Your rental period is three days.

4. Party!

Your selected tablescape will be delivered to your door by a company representative one day before your party. When you're finished using the items, simply scrape off any pieces of food, empty glasses and follow the instructions on how to re-pack everything. Don't worry about washing the dishes, we'll handle that for you. Your box will be picked up the day after your party.

5. complete the usage survey.

This is where you tell us what you think. Within 48 hours after your party, you will fill out the usage survey and tell us everything about your experience.

8. Collect your gift.

Upon completion of all of the steps outlined above, you will be rewarded with a $50 Visa gift card.