There's always a reason to celebrate.


For hosts craving the best things life has to offer, Cloth + Gold provides curated dinner party essentials. Each dinner party table setting is planned, crafted and delivered to your door, allowing you to stress less and party more.


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The best host is a calm host.

Cloth + Gold exists to bring people together. We were founded on the idea that the less time spent planning a dinner party, means more time enjoying it. From wine glasses to menu ideas with recipes, we put everything you need in one place so you can spend the evening laughing, toasting, story-telling, debating and making memories. 


Put down your phone, raise your glass.

Somewhere between texting and Instagram-ing, the world got ahead of itself. We've learned how to snap, filter and upload our memories, but we've forgotten how to truly create them. Lost is the art of the folded linen napkin and long gone are the days of real cutlery. We're on a mission to regain the elegance and excitement of the social gathering, without the hassle.